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Feed My People Program Fall 2022

Food apartheid

Pastor Lutual M. Love Sr., Pastor of Praise Temple Deliverance Church (PTDC) has announced that his church in its continued efforts to address “food apartheid” in the Greater Hazelwood Community is planning to kick off its “Feed My People Program” (FMPP) in the month of November 2022.

Praise Temple Deliverance Church (PTDC) has been encouraged by the word of God to take on the responsibility of forming a coalition among the churches and faith-based organizations in the Greater Hazelwood and surrounding communities, in order to bring transformation back to their traditional greatness. It is our belief, as it is traditional, that churches should be the foundation behind humanitarian efforts in addressing the needs of our residents. The “Church” should be more than just a physical structure in the community. Rather, its ministry should reach out to all the people and have a direct effect on the safety, health, and welfare of the people we serve.

Praise Temple Deliverance Church (PTDC) in collaboration with POORLAW (People Of Origin Rightfully Loved And Wanted) and HOPE 1212 (Having Only Positive Expectations 1212), will host two community holiday events. The first event will take place in November during the Thanksgiving Holiday and the second in December during Christmas Holiday. Both events will consist of dinners and the attendees will receive household supplies and a gift card. We will operate the program out of PTDC located at 5400 Glenwood Avenue.

Learn more about the Feed My People Program and Register Online

This program is made possible by the good faith offerings of the congregation of the Praise Temple Deliverance Church (PTDC) and a grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation. The Pittsburgh Foundation can be found at:

(Image credit: Vicky Leta)