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Greater Hazelwood Coalition Against Racial and Ethnic Disparities (GH-CARED)

Greater Hazelwood, Cared For and Uplifted

The Greater Hazelwood Coalition Against Racial and Ethnic Disparities (GH-CARED for short) exists to mobilize and empower our communities to stand up and take action. GH-CARED aims to bring together every grassroots organization, church, agency, business, and resident, to establish one voice to address the racial and ethnic disparities facing the black, brown, and women of our community. We seek to include all residents in the conversation, to not only listen, but to amplify the voices of our community.

The GH-CARED coalition was created by P.O.O.R.L.A.W. in partnership with Praise Temple Deliverance Church to influence the decisions that impact our community and residents. We seek to engage and we work to inspire a movement of involvement and action in our community to put people back in the center of the process.

To Speak with One Voice

When we speak with ONE VOICE, we have the power to CREATE CHANGE.

Everyone in Hazelwood deserves a seat at the table. But there has been an absence of a vehicle that allows residents to speak with ONE VOICE. The planning and development of our community must represent the priorities of its people for the purposes of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This includes every aspect of our life, including but not limited to housing, workforce and economic development, criminal and social justice, all in order to CREATE CHANGE.

We are committed to creating a community, economy, and government for, by, and of the people. Together we will create lasting change for the racial and economic good of all people in Greater Hazelwood.

GH-CARED members (from left to right) Saundra Cole-McKamey, Emily Higgs, Barb Warwick, Lutual Love and Bill Bailey – along with puppy Mist – gather on a picnic table on the southwestern side of the 4800 block of Second Avenue, in Hazelwood.

Problems to Face

Our community has experienced rapid growth over the years but not all people have benefited. Greater Hazelwood has become a community that continues to prioritize brick and mortar projects over people and perpetuates economic and social inequity born from entrenched systemic racism — inequities that negatively impact our vulnerable and working-class residents, particularly the black, brown, and women residents.

We faces issues of:

  • Systemic racism foundation-driven policy
  • Political disenfranchisement
  • Gentrification
  • Lack of accountability
  • Foundation and city interference in local solutions

Solutions to Uplift

We fight to cause a spiritual revolution of the mind — to empower the poor, working class, and the marginalized to stand up and speak out against racial inequity, economic inequality, and injustice.

Greater Hazelwood is a community of organizers, churches, neighborhood leaders, hard-working families, and individuals that all want one thing: for Greater Hazelwood to be better for everyone. We have a responsibility to stand up for what is right, to go against unjust laws, policies, and political powers.

We all have the power to make a difference; to create equitable representation in all aspects of community development; to create high-quality jobs; to provide affordable, quality housing; to change the course of Greater Hazelwood’s future.

Together, we will:

  • Engage the community in the process
  • Raise expectations
  • Advocate for racial and economic equity
  • Take on powerful special interests groups
  • Create innovative policies

The GH-CARED Vision

To make Greater Hazelwood an inspiring voice of Pittsburgh, as the best community to live, work and grow, a true reflection of its residents and a model of justice and equality.


Our work is built from the perspective of those most impacted. Our racial and economic equity lenses are the bedrock of how we organize.


We are spiritually strong and we are grounded with morals and values which demonstrate the love of our families, neighbors, and friends. We uplift careers and employers that place dignity in the workplace and encourage democracy.


Creating transparency as a governmental norm empowers all people. We must ensure our public entities work for the common good of all Greater Hazelwoodarians.


There is strength when we join together for the common good. We fight to shift power to make sure our city is prioritizing its people and our dignity.


We courageously challenge powerful individuals and ideas in our community and ask questions. We relentlessly fight for what is right!


We bring our community together to speak with one voice, and amplify the issues and concerns of all of our residents, with special attention to the racial and ethnic disparities which affects the black, brown, and women residents.


To join this movement, please contact:

Saundra Cole-McKamey, CEO/Founder of POORLAW

Pastor Lutual M. Love, Sr., Praise Temple Deliverance Church

We meet monthly in person and via Zoom on the fourth Friday at Praise Temple Deliverance Church, 5400 Glenwood Ave., 15207. The Zoom link for these meetings is provided one day in advance to all members or by request.