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Housing and Real Estate

Eviction Prevention Post-Pandemic

The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania is working to bring together local service providers, the legal community, and court systems to establish court-connected eviction prevention programs at the local level.

This toolkit is intended to support the important work of local champions seeking to create formal partnerships between Magisterial District Courts and social service providers with expertise in addressing housing crises.

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Toolkit for Landlord-Tenant Mediation

The relationships between tenants and landlords can seem adversarial and crisis experienced by either can add tension to this relationship. But the reality is that tenants and landlords need each other to be successful. And our schools, local business and neighborhoods also need both landlords and tenants to be successful.

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Homes Within Reach Conference

The Homes Within Reach Conference (December 6-8) provides an opportunity for housing professionals, service providers, tenants, landlords, local government, community builders, and those passionately committed to ensuring a home for every Pennsylvanian to come together to learn, connect, and network.

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Landlords can get graded by renters on a new website

A new website allows Allegheny County renters to put local landlords and property managers on blast for slum housing conditions and unfair evictions.

The “Good Landlords Review” is a rating and review platform in which former and current renters recommend good landlords to other prospective renters as well as offer words of warning about bad ones.

The project is led by Narrative Justice, a local organization that wants to bring attention to the problem of slumlords, slum housing, unfair evictions and the possible exploitation of rental housing applicants.

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Submit a review of your landlord today at the Good Landlords Review