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10.27 Healing Partnership Counseling Services

10.27 Healing Partnership is offering free counseling services both general and specifically for those who are struggling as the trail begins for the Tree of Life synagogue shooting. For those who would like support around the shooting and/or trial, you can call 412-422-7200 to connect to a counselor or reach out to the 10.27 Healing Partnership Hotline at 1-888-796-8226.

10.27 Healing Partnership is also offering drop-in counseling hours open to everyone this summer. For anyone looking to see a counselor for the first time, talk through a specific issue, or otherwise take advantage of short-term counseling, this could be a great free option. For those looking for longer-term therapy, drop-in counseling could also be an outlet to begin a referral process. Drop-in counseling is available for 3 hours every single weekday, no appointment, insurance, or payment required.

The counselors in our center are open to talking about Oct. 27th, antisemitism, the trial, or related trauma, but anyone is welcome to access drop-in therapy hours for any reason.